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ASQ Certification -Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE training


With the new computer based testing ASQ has implemented, you can take the CRE (Certified Reliability Engineer) exam on the following dates in for early 2018:

01/05/18 -  01/21/18
03/02/18 -  03/18/18
05/04/18 -  05/20/18

Our live classes are aligned with the new 2018 CRE body of knowledge.  The best option for preparation is purchased the live class and gain access to the recordings then sit through the live class after reviewing the recordings.  This technique provides you the best alternative to retain the information and passing the exam.

The new CRE body of knowledge is mostly adjustments to the cognitive level of understanding along with the additions of the following:

Reliability engineer leadership responsibilities
Performance monitoring
Root cause analysis
Quality triangle

The preparation course for the  ASQ Certification Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE exam consists of about 28 hours of class time.We offer a wide range of class times to accommodate a variety of schedules.  We can find a Certified Reliability Engineer CRE class that meets the needs of your schedule.   The classes offer a mixture of lecture, breakout sessions and quizzes.  The training is conducted in an online classroom environment with a high level of interactivity between the student and the instructor.  You will have unlimited access to the instructor to get your questions answered outside of normal class times.  

Here are a few  study hints to help you on your journey to ASQ Certification whether you take our course or not.  Get a copy of the ASQ Certification BOK for the Certified Reliability Engineer.  For each section outlined in the BOK write down bullet points that help explain the concept referenced in the Body of Knowldege.  Don't copy word for word from your reference material, you want to write it in your own words.  By the time you are done, you will find you have a pretty solid understanding of the Body of Knowledge requirements and this document will serve as an excellent reference during the exam.

Read the testamonials of some of our previous students to see how the training helped them.  You can sign up for a FREE demonstration session of the Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE)  training and experience how the VCT (Virtual Classroom Technology) can position you to pass the ASQ Certification exam.

Part of our curriculum involves extensive testing and quizzing to provide feedback to you for what areas to work on and allow the instructor to monitor your progress.  The material covered in our course is based on the body of knowledge for the Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) exam established by ASQ (American Society for Quality).

Test your knowledge and try a short Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) quiz.

Additional tips for the ASQ Certification Exam for the Certified Reliability Engineer

You must understand the various cognitive levels required within the body of knowledge.  Some of the information requires you to understand and recognize, which you could look up.  For example here is a question similar to that relative to hypothesis testing.

Which of the following is a test to compare a population mean to a known value?
(a)    ANOVA
(b)    F test
(c)    Z test
(d)   Chi-Square test

You could look up those four tests and you will find one of them is specifically used for comparing a population mean to a fixed or known value.  The correct answer is (c).

However, this next question requires a higher cognitive level of understanding and looking up the answer probably will consume far to much time than you can afford during the exam.

You are comparing two processes with equal unknown variances to see if they are different.  You withdraw a sample of 15 from process A  and have an average of 12 and a standard deviation of 2.1.  From process B you sample 12 and determine an average of 15 with a standard deviation of 2.6.  What conclusion do you make at a 99% confidence level?

(a)    you conclude they are statistically the same
(b)    you conclude they are statistically different
(c)    they are statistically different since tcalc > -3.20
(d)    they are not statistically different because t
crit > -3.20
For this question, you must have a high level of understanding to determine the correct answer is (b) and more importantly, why is it (b)?

When you are faced with a question regarding confidence limits or a hypothesis test it is important to determine which standard deviation are you using a sample or population.  If the question is worded "A process is running with an average of 12 and a standard deviation of 2" , then you know the process sigma or the population sigma and you would use the Z distribution.  If the question is worded "A process is running and for a sample of 16 the average is 12 and the standard deviation is 2" , you do not know the population sigma you only know the sample sigma, so you would apply the t distribution.  It is important to keep those two separate.

Cost of the Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE Exam Preparation Course:

      $750.00   This includes all materials, access to the live, online classes and unlimited access to the 
                        recorded classes. 

      $450.00   This includes unlimited access to the recorded classes but does not include materials.

Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE Exam Preparation Course Syllabus:

      Class 1    Statistical Concepts 
      Class 2    Statistical Concepts
      Class 3    Data Management
      Class 4    Reliability Planning
      Class 5    Test and Modeling
      Class 6    Test and Modeling
      Class 7    Reliability Design 

      Class 8    Reliability Design
      Class 9    Maintainability 
      Class 10  Reliability Fundamentals
      Class 11  Risk Management
      Class 12  Review
      Class 13  Review
      Class 14  Review

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