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How the ASQ Certificaiton Training works


How does our ASQ Certification Training work?

Our ASQ Certification exam preparation training provides a blend of lecture and breakout sessions complimented with testing and quizzing.   In today's fast paced business environment our Virtual Classroom Technology (VCT) presents an active, engaging learning environment that accommodates a busy schedule.  This highly participative, interactive, online classroom affords you the ability to prepare and pass the certification exam at a cost effective price, while maintaining a balance in your life.  Read the testimonials of some of our past students and see how the training helped them achieve their goals.

Classes will meet at least once per week and most typically a couple of times per week.  We are attempting to build momentum leading into the exam.  The classes will not only cover the material you need to know but also test taking strategies.  These strategies include breaking down the question and answers into their component parts, understanding which answers can be ruled out and then selecting the strongest answer relative to the question. 

Experience the benefits of our Virtual Classroom Technology with a free demonstration of our 
CERTIFIED QUALITY preparation course for the ASQ Certification Exam.

Our instructors have over twenty years experience teaching the preparation courses for the ASQ certified quality exams.

Benefits of our Training:  
          - Flexible class times.  You can take the course during the day, evening or on weekends
          - Ability to review the recorded classes 24/7.  We record the quiz reviews and problem reviews 
          - Interactive, you have the ability to ask questions and clarify uncertainties
          - Structured study path to follow
          - Access to the instructor outside of scheduled class times
How the training is structured:
          -Focus on the ASQ Body of Knowledge.  
          -Focus on the cognitive level at which questions will be asked.  Some of the material you only
           need to be familiar with and some you will need to know very well.  The cognitive level is
           defined by ASQ in the Body of knowledge and is based on Bloom's Taxonomy.  There are six 
           cognitive levels.  Here is an example of the six levels and what type of questions are
           associated with each level.  The levels are in order from least complex to most complex.  The
           following examples deal with team development.
           Ability to recognize and recall  
           What are the four phases of team development?

           Ability to explain
           Explain the four phases of team development      

           Know how to use and apply the ideas
           Which phase of team development is most demanding of a facilitator?

           Break down the information into the constituent parts and understand
           their relationship.  
           If the team is not productive, which phase of development are they in?

Make judgements about the value of proposed ideas or solutions
           Which of the following is most important to team development?        

           Put parts or elements together in such a way to reveal a structure not evident
           How would you help to guide a team from the storming to norming phase?

   Here is an example of two questions on the same topic but requiring different cognitive
   levels of understanding.

   Which of the following is a stage in the development of a team?
   a.  conforming
b.  norming
   c.  rewarding
   d.  adjourning

   If a team is struggling to become productive and is having problems resolving conflict
   within the team, which approach would be best suited to move the team to become
   more productive?
   a.  provide the leader with more responsibility
   b.  have a member from top management participate in team meetings
c.  utilize a facilitator to focus on the process
   d.  remove the personnel causing the conflict    

Develop a steady, consistent study pace that builds momentum leading up to the exam.
   -Prepare and condition yourself to taking timed quizzes.  The exam is not only about what
    you know but also your ability to manage time.

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