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The Importance of ASQ Certification
You may be thinking about pursuing one of the certifications from ASQ and wondering why to do it.  Why would you want to put in the effort to take and pass an exam to obtain a certification?  One could entertain these thoughts especially if you've been working in an area for quite some time.  For example, if you've been a reliability engineer for 10 years, why pursue certification, you already know the material, right?  I contend you can learn something new.  If you believe you can't, then the quality profession may not be the best choice for you.  After all, continuous improvement is the cornerstone of the quality thought process.

There are three solid reasons to pursue and obtain professional certification from ASQ.  One is the professional development, you will learn new skills and methodologies.  Going through the process will educate you and enlighten you to new tools, concepts, perspectives and ideas.  No matter how you look at it, knowledge is power.  Any activity to broaden your knowledge base is a worthwhile investment.  The second reason for obtaining ASQ Certification is the financial impact it will have.  It may not be realized immediately, but the statistics show people who retain ASQ certifications earn more than those who don't.  Review the statistics of ASQ Certification below.

                                                                         Salary without                Salary with         
Certification Type                                            ASQ Certification         ASQ Certification

Certified Quality Manager          CMQ/OE             $104,032                       $91,533
Certified Quality Auditor             CQA                      $79,137                       $70,903
Certified Quality Engineer          CQE                      $86,220                       $77,353
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt  CSSGB                 $81,241                       $64,822
Certified Reliability Engineer      CRE                    $112,079                     $104,656

The last reason for obtaining ASQ Certification is the recognition associated with it.  Again, this is something that may not materialize initially, but over time the recognition of the certification will uphold.  Advancement opportunities are more abundant for individuals with ASQ certification over those who don't have it.  The recognition of the certification is of importance for career advancement.  The possession of a certification is a leg up on the competition who do not have it.   As stated earlier, it doesn't mean a non certified quality professional doesn't know and understand the body of knowledge it simply means a certified quality professional does know.  That is the difference.  When two individuals are applying for the same position and one has ASQ certification and the other one doesn't.  It does not ensure they will be offered the position, but it does provide a slight advantage over the competition.

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