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Tips for taking ASQ Certification Exam
Tips for taking the ASQ Certification Exams 

Read the question thoroughly.  Sounds easy but make sure you understand what is being asked.  Are they asking what you would do or would not do?  Is the question asking what would be the most or least effective or which would be less likely or most likely to happen?  There will be some trick answers that are catered to a misunderstanding of the question, so understand what is being asked.  Focus on what is being asked, for example:

Which of the following methods is best for generating and organizing improvement ideas?
(a) brainstorming
(b) cause and effect diagram
(c) affinity diagram
(d) tree diagram

The key words here are "generating, organizing, ideas",  The answer is (c).  If you remove "organizing", the answer is (a).  If you change "improvement ideas" to "potential causes", the answer is (b).

In responding to the questions make sure you select the best response.  You may have a question where you believe multiple responses are correct, but they are asking for only one. Select the best or most important one. 

The exams are multiple choice (except for the couple of essay questions for the Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence).  Go through the test on your first time and categorize them into three areas.  Category one is, you know the answer. Category two questions are you think you know the answer and category three is you don’t know the answer.   As you’re going through, answer all category one and two questions.  Don’t hit the panic button if you have a lot of category two and three questions. 

When you’re done go back to the category two questions. Review the answers you selected. Would you make the same selection? Which response is the best one based on what is being asked? 

Now move to the category three questions, the ones you don’t know the answer to. Chances are you can eliminate one response. It doesn’t belong or it makes no sense based on the question. Now you have three options. If you still have no idea, guess. You do not get penalized for wrong answers, you are only rewarded for correct ones. So, guess.  With any time left go over and review all of your responses.

Here is a couple of sample questions:

Which of the following is most critical when determining process capability?

(a) Management Support
(b) Trained Quality Engineers
(c)  Process in Control
(d) Understand CpK

(a) is a strong answer but it doesn't answer the question
(b) trained in what? 
(c) definitely important, you can't rule it out
(d) who understands CpK?  the VP, the operator?

clearly c is the correct answer

In the early stages of root cause analysis, it is most important to:

(a)  verify the corrective action
(b)  implement the solution
(c)  quarantine defective product
(d)  clearly define the problem

(a)  not done in the early stages
(b)  same as (a)
(c)  should be done, but not part of root cause analysis
(d)  bingo!