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The benefit of our training is that it is flexible and comprehensive.  Utilization of the live class allows interaction and understanding while the access to the recordings provides the repetition and spaced learning to optimize retention.  You can view the recordings on your phone during lunch or listen to the recordings on your drive home.

New training classes coming in the future


We will be offereing classes for lead auditor and internal auditor for ISO 9001:2015,  six sigma black belt and green belt, measurement system analysis and design of experiments.  If there is training you are interested in, let us know.

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Certified Quality Engineer - CQE Training

Learn more about our Certified Quality Engineer - online CQE training.

Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence

Learn more about our Certified Quality Manager  online CMQ/OE training.

Certified Quality Auditor - CQA Training

Learn more about our Certified Quality Auditor -  online CQA training. 

Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE Training

Learn more about our Certified Reliability  Engineer - online CRE training. 

Certified Quality Technician - CQT Training

Learn more about our Certified Quality Technician - online CQT training. 

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt - CSSBB Training

Custom Learn more about our Certified Six Sigma Black Belt - online CSSBB training. 

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt - CSSGB Training

Learn more about our Certified Six Sigma Green Belt - online CSSGB training. 

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Learn to take timed exams

The ASQ Certification exams are timed and are open book.  An advantage exists with those who manage time well and can navigate their reference materials effectively.  Below are the approximate time you have per question for the various exams:

 CQE           1.6 minutes per question

  CQA          2.0 minutes per question

CSSBB          1.6  minutes per question

CSSGB          2.4 minutes per question

   CRE            1.6  minutes per question

 CMQ/OE      1.3  minutes per question

   CQI            2.4 minutes per question

 CSQP           1.6 minutes per question

   CQT            2.4 minutes per question


The Benefits of ASQ Certification


Pursuing and obtaining an ASQ Certification is a beneficial endeavor both professionally and financially. ASQ Certification provides individuals at all levels from Inspector to Director more salary and greater opportunities in job advancement.  ASQ certification will provide on average approximately $10,800 more annually in salary. The first step in the ASQ Certification process is to determine your current position and abilities along with your career path and long term goals. An informed decision surrounding ASQ Certification now, can position you achieve your long range plans while providing more security and flexibility today.  


The Advantage of Our Training

Our Certification training is delivered through VCT (Virtual Classroom Training).  The approach is to deliver short classes (2 hours in length) to maintain focus separated by a few days to a week to allow for the material to be reviewed, digested and understood.  Our experience has proven that an interval training approach is most successful.  We establish an online classroom to deliver the training live.  We are constantly working to develop training to engage the attendees.  History has proven an interactive, engaged class retains and understands the material better than a class that is not involved.  This translates to better performance on the ASQ Certification exam.  Our live training sessions are recorded to provide you the ability to review the material as often as needed, whenever you would like. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unsure about the training and how it can benefit you, sit in on the first couple of classes as a trial and find out for yourself.  Our Certification classes are supported by a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not happy with the course we will refund your money.  We have done this once in the past 12 years and it was our first year.  If you do not pass the ASQ Certification exam we allow you to come back and join our next live class at no extra charge.

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Which ASQ Certification is Right for You?

The specific ASQ certification you choose to pursue is dependent upon your current situation, what you are qualified for and where you envision the direction your career is 

 headed.  A technician or inspector will follow a different path than a technical salary professional, which will be different than a manager and an auditor.  An auditor with no degree and minimal experience will pursue a different path than one with lots of experience.

Tips for Preparing for the ASQ Certification Exam

Upon choosing the ASQ certification that fits your needs become familiar with the body of knowledge related to that ASQ exam and obtain a good reference book or materials.  Conduct a gap analysis on your current acumen versus where you need to be and focus on the gaps.  

About Us

We have been providing preparation training for the ASQ certification exams for over 20 years.  We have been using the VCT (Virtual Classroom Training) for the past 12 years.  Our instructors have a minimum of 25 years experience in the profession and are all ASQ Certified.   

What can you expect from the new Computer Based Testing (CBT) from ASQ

The introduction of the CBT from ASQ is a little over a year old  and it is administered by Prometric.  The impact to the examinee is less room to spread your reference materials around.  You can still bring in your reference books and glossaries but you have much less room to maintain and access them.  This puts more emphasis on knowing the material and not relying heavily on looking up information.