Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence - CMQ/OE Training


How the Certified Manager of Quality - CMQ/OE class works

The class is focused on the body of knowledge (BOK) for the CMQ/OE exam along with the cognitive level associated with each element within the BOK.  It is important to have a solid grasp of what material is important since the CMQ/OE Exam is very time restrictive.  You only have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete 165 multipule choice questions, a rate of 1.36 minutes per question.  We spend time on covering the concepts and ideas contained in the body of knowledge along with test taking strategies for multiple choice question and approaches to respond to essay questions.  The CMQ/OE exam consists of two separate sections.  One section is  the constructed response and the other is multiple choice.  The constructed response portion of the exam gives you three essay questions in which you must respond to two.  You have 45 minutes to develop your response for the two questions you select.  It is important during this portion of the exam to focus on the quality of your response and not quantity.     


The cognitive level of the question dictates how much knowledge and understanding of the topic you must have.  ASQ certification exam questions cognitive level is based on Bloom's Taxonomy. There are six cognitive levels.  Below is an example of the six levels and the type of questions  associated with each level. The levels are in order from least complex to most complex. You will see that the more complex or in depth the cognitive level the stronger understanding of the topic you will need to display.  The following examples deal with the CMQ/OE Body of Knowledge.


This level demands the ability to recognize and recall.  If you are asked about the different types of teams, you should be able to remember there are process improvement teams, ad hoc teams, self directed teams, cross functional teams, etc.  


This tests your ability to read and understand.  If you are asked about organizational culture, you should be able to explain what the organizational culture is, what defines it and what it means. 


Know how to use and apply the ideas.  If you are asked about the principles of management, you should be able to show how you would use the various principles and what is the desired outcome.


Break down the information into the constituent parts and understand their relationship.  If you are asked about ROI or NPV, you can analyze the results and determine which project is better and why.


You are able to make judgments about the value of proposed ideas or solutions.  If you are asked about cost of quality, you can differentiate between the 4 categories and how changes in one area may effect the other areas. If you increase prevention costs how will that impact internal failure costs?


Put parts or elements together in such a way to reveal a structure not evident before.  If you are asked about developing a continuous improvement program, you should be able to discuss what type of program and activities you would implement for achieving this.  The solution could be a combination of various methodologies. 

The CMQ/OE questions that involve the remember and understand cognitive level can be fairly quickly referenced.  This is where your ability to navigate a reference book is vital.  For the remaining cognitive levels applied to questions, you better know because you will waste valuable time trying to look them up.  These are the concepts that require a solid understanding and recall.

Our training results in an understanding of the various cognitive levels so you can put your effort in the critical areas and rely on reference material for the others.

Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence Syllabus

Class 1    Leadership 

Class 2    Strategic Plan Development and Deployment

Class 3    Management Elements and Methods 

Class 4    Management Elements and Methods

Class 5    Quality Management Tools

Class 6    Customer Focused Organizations 

Class 7    Supply Chain Management / Training and Development

Class 8    Constructed Response

Class 9    Review and work on essay questions

Class 10  Review and work on essay questions

Plan on about 5-10 additional 1 hour sessions included to review the test taking strategy on multiple choice questions and refine skills for essay response.

Cost of the Training for CMQ/OE Preparation Course

Certified Quality Manager - CMQ/OE Training

$680.00     The CMQ/OE Training VCT (Virtual Classroom Training) includes all materials, access to the live, online classes and unlimited access to the recorded classes.  

$450.00     Self Paced Class

This includes unlimited access to the recorded classes but does not include materials. 

Certified Manager of Quality / Organizationl Excellence Requirements

Candidates will have 10 years experience in one or more areas of the CMQ/OE body of knowledge.  The following years of experience will be waived for the associated post secondary education:

Diploma from technical or trade school - 1 year waived

Associates Degree - 2 years waived

Bachelors Degree - 4 years waived

Masters or Doctorate Degree - 5 years waived

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