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How the Certified Quality Technician - CQT course is structured

The preparation course for the ASQ CQT exam consists of about 24 hours of class time. We offer a wide range of class times to accommodate a variety of schedules. We can find a Certified Quality Technician class that meets your needs. The classes offer a mixture of lecture, problem review and quizzes. The training is conducted in an online classroom environment with a high level of interactivity between the student and the instructor. You will have unlimited access to the instructor to get your questions answered outside of normal class times. 


The training is centered around ASQ's Body of Knowledge for the Certified Quality Technician, CQT exam. The Body of Knowledge is the road map for what is going covered on the exam.· Focus on the cognitive level at which questions will be asked. Some of the material you only need to be familiar with and some you will need to know very well. The cognitive level is defined by ASQ in the Body of knowledge and is based on Bloom's Taxonomy. There are six cognitive levels.  Here is an example of the six cognitive levels and what type of questions are associated with each level. The levels are in order from least complex to most complex. The following examples deal with the Certified Quality Technician (CQT) Body of Knowledge.


Recall or recognize terms, definitions, facts, ideas, materials, patterns, sequences, methods, principles, etc. You could be asked the difference between a tensiometer, optical comparator, oscilliscope and magnetic particle inspection.  


With this application you will have the ability to read a report or diagram and understand it. You could be asked to evaluate a scatter diagram and determine the strength of correlation and is it positive or negative. 


Know when and how to use ideas, procedures, methods, formulas, principles, theories, etc. You could be asked to use CpK to determine the best process.


Break down information into its constituent parts and recognize their relationship to one another and how they are organized; identify sublevel factors or salient data from a complex scenario. You could be given a control chart and asked what is the most likely cause to explain the behavior of the data. Evaluate

Make judgments about the value of proposed ideas, solutions, etc., by comparing the proposal to specific criteria or standards. If you are asked about M&TE, you can determine which piece of equipment is correct for the characteristic being measured, evaluate the results of the measurement and draw conclusions. 


Put parts or elements together in such a way as to reveal a pattern or structure not clearly there before; identify which data or information from a complex set is appropriate to examine further or from which supported conclusions can be drawn. 


In the latest CQT body of knowledge, there are no questions based on the create cognitive level.

Develop a steady, consistent study pace that builds momentum leading up to the exam. Prepare and condition yourself to perform well in timed quizzes and exams to ensure the skills and strategies are learned and refined by the actual exam date. 

Part of our curriculum involves extensive testing and quizzes to provide feedback to you for what areas need work and allows the instructor to monitor your progress. The material covered in our course is based on the body of knowledge for the Certified Quality Technician (CQT) exam established by ASQ (American Society for Quality). 


Hints for the ASQ Certification Certified Quality Technician exam Ensure you understand the difference between discrete (attribute) data and continuous (variable) data.  When you are faced with a discrete data question, it will most likely be a poisson or binomial application.  Poisson applications will refer to a low defect rate (less than 10%) and a large sample size.  A binomial distribution will discuss a situation with a large defect rate (greater than 10% and small sample size (usually 10 or less)

Certified Quality Technician CQT Training Outline

Certified Quality Technician - CQT Training

Class 1 Basic Statistics               

Class 2 Control Charts 

Class 3 Metrology 

Class 4 Calibration / Blueprint Reading

Class 5 Inspection and Sampling

Class 6 Inspection and Sampling 

Class 7 Quality Audits / Corrective and Preventive Action

Class 8 Quality Concepts and Teams 

Class 9 Quality Tools

Class 10 Review

Class 11 Review 

Plan on an additional 5 - 8 classes being added to focus on strategy for the questions and problem solving approaches. These classes are used as reviews. 

Cost of the Certified Quality Technician - CQT Training

$750.00  VCT (Virtual Classroom Training)

This includes all materials, access to the live, online classes, unlimited access to the recorded classes and access to the instructor for questions. 

$450.00   Self Paced Class   

This includes none of the materials and unlimited access to the recorded classes. 

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Download the cQT body of knowledge

Certified Quality Technician - CQT Body of Knowledge