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How the ASQ Certification Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE class works

This is a very difficult exam. We recommend you begin your preparation about 22 weeks prior to when you would like to sit for the exam. If you sign up for our live course (VCT) we give access to the previously recorded classes and suggest you review them prior to the start of the VCT classes. This approach strengthens your ability to retain the information and perform well on the ASQ CRE exam. The CRE exam is difficult due to the fact you have 4.5 hours to complete 165 questions (15 of which are not scored). That leaves you 1.63 minutes per question, which means you are moving at a pretty good rate.


Our live classes are aligned with the new 2018 CRE body of knowledge.  The new CRE body of knowledge is mostly adjustments to the cognitive level of understanding along with the additions of the following:

Reliability engineer leadership responsibilities
Performance monitoring
Root cause analysis
Quality triangle

The preparation course for the ASQ Certification CRE exam consists of about 28 hours of class time. We offer a wide range of class times to accommodate a variety of schedules.  We can find a Certified Reliability Engineer CRE class that meets the needs of your schedule.   The classes offer a mixture of lecture, breakout sessions and quizzes.  The training is conducted online using virtual classroom training (VCT). We strive to cultivate an environment with a high level of interactivity between the student and the instructor.  You will have unlimited access to the instructor to get your questions answered outside of normal class times.    


The key to performing well and passing the exam is the preparation. It is critical you understand the Body of Knowledge the exam is based on and realize your weaknesses relative to that information. 

For each section outlined in the BOK write down bullet points that help explain the concept referenced in the Body of Knowledge. Don't copy word for word from your reference material, you want to write it in your own words. By the time you are done, you will find you have a pretty solid understanding of the Body of Knowledge requirements and this document will serve as an excellent reference during the exam.

Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE Syllabus

Class 1       Statistical Concepts

Class 2       Statistical Concepts

Class 3       Data Management and Reliability Planning

Class 4       Testing and Modeling

Class 5       Testing and Modeling

Class 6       Reliability Designs

Class 7       Reliability Designs

Class 8       Maintainability

Class 9       Reliability Fundamentals

Class 10     Risk Management and Review

Class 11     Review


Plan on about 5-10 additional one hour classes to be added to review the strategy to attack the questions. 


Cost of the CRE Certified Reliability Engineer Preparation Course

Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE Training

$750.00 VCT (Virtual Classroom Training)

includes all materials, access to the live, online classes and unlimited access to the recorded classes. 

$450.00 Self Paced Class

This includes unlimited access to the recorded classes but does not include materials.

Certified Reliability Engineer CRE Cognitive level of understanding

The cognitive level of the question dictates how much knowledge and understanding of the topic is required. The cognitive level of the ASQ certification exam questions is based on Bloom's Taxonomy. There are six cognitive levels. Below is an example of the six levels and the type of questions associated with each level. The levels are in order from least complex to most complex. You will see that the more complex or in depth the cognitive level the stronger understanding of the topic needed. The following examples deal with the Certified Reliability Engineer CRE Body of Knowledge. 


This level demands the ability to recognize and recall. If you are asked how to determine if data is normally distributed you remember what a normal probability plot is.  These types of questions are good for looking up in a reference book. 


This tests your ability to read and understand. If you are asked about the role of reliability engineering in the design phase and how the reliability can impact cost and risk, you can explain the relationships. 


Know how to use and apply the ideas. If you are asked when to use MTTF or MTBF or which distribution to use during the infant mortality portion of the bathtub curve, you can explain. 


Break down the information into the constituent parts and understand their relationship. You understand the various sources of reliability data and know what the limitations are of each and how to apply them and analyze the results to improve reliability. 


You are able to make judgments about the value of proposed ideas or solutions. You can evaluate various block diagrams of series and parallel combinations to determine the system reliability and determine individual component reliability if you are attempting to achieve a specific system reliability. 


Put parts or elements together in such a way to reveal a structure not evident before. You will be able to take test data and utilize a Weibull plot and can determine the slope and therefore ascertain which phase of the bathtub curve the product is in.

The CRE questions that involve the remember and understand cognitive level can be fairly quickly referenced. This is where your ability to navigate a reference book is vital. For the remaining cognitive levels applied to questions, you better know because you will waste valuable time trying to look them up. These are the concepts that require a solid understanding and recall.

Our training is focused on understanding the various cognitive levels so you can put your effort in the critical areas and rely on reference material for the others.

A great way to prepare for the CRE exam is to obtain a copy of the Certified Reliability Engineer body of knowledge and for each are of the BOK, write in you own terms the meaning.  This can serve as a great reference during the exam.

Try a sample of the Certified Reliability Engineer Quiz

When you are complete with the quiz, hit the back button on your browser.  This quiz provides you an assessment of your understanding of the material.