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Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)


Our ASQ Certification exam preparation training provides a blend of lecture and breakout sessions complimented with testing and quizzing.   In today's fast paced business environment our Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) presents an active, engaging learning environment that accommodates a busy schedule.  This highly participative, interactive, online classroom affords you the ability to prepare and pass the certification exam at a cost effective price, while maintaining a balance in your life.  

ASQ Certification Class Structure


Classes will meet at least once per week for two hours.  After the first few weeks we add an additional  45 minute to 1 hour class per week.  This class is focused on solving problems and strategy for responding to multiple choice questions.    These strategies include breaking down the question and answers into their component parts, understanding which answers can be ruled out and then selecting the strongest answer relative to the question. 

We follow the body of knowledge and reserve the last couple of classes for review.

Testing and Quizzes


Throughout the course we will administer many tests and quizzes.  The test length will vary between 30 to 2.5 hours.  The tests will be completed online with a time limit allocated.  We deliver the testing online to prepare you for the actual computer based test that Prometric uses for ASQ and to track individual performance.  Understanding the test scores of the class enable us to focus on key areas to better prepare you for the actual exam.

Benefits of our Training


Our instructors have over twenty years experience teaching the preparation courses for the ASQ certified quality exams.   The classes we set up vary each session to provide flexible class times.  You can take the course during the day, evening or on weekends depending on your preference.  Our program provides the ability to review the recorded classes 24/7.  We record the quiz reviews and problem reviews which you will find a valuable tool in preparation.  The interactive nature of the class is vital to exam success.  You have the ability to ask questions and clarify uncertainties along with engaging in discussions which reinforce the training and solidify the topics with you.  Our program provides a structured study path to follow, all you have to do is the work.  

A key aspect of our training is that you have access to the instructor outside of scheduled class times.  It is not uncommon for us to schedule separate sessions from  normal class times to work with individuals who request it. 

Gain Momentum to the ASQ Exam



Our classes are set up to create momentum at the end of the course leading to the exam. The goal is to start at an easy pace that allows for comprehending and digesting the material and progressively transition to multiple classes in short bursts at the end of the course. The added multiple classes are shorter (45 minutes) and are established to work on test taking strategies and review all the material in the body of knowledge and apply it to exam questions. By creating the momentum, the student is at a peak of understanding and comprehension, providing a high level of exam performance.

Get the most from the Course


When dealing with the following technical ASQ Certifications:

Certified Quality Engineer - CQE

Certified Quality Technician - CQT

Certified Reliability Engineer -  CRE

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt - CSSBB

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt -  CSSGB

How the training works: it is best to begin the studying long before the live class starts.  The best strategy for your success would be to take the live course twice, at no extra cost or review the recordings for a few months prior to the beginning of the live course.  This allows you time to review the material and when you take the live course you are far ahead of where most people are.

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