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Testing went GREAT!!!  Thankfully I passed!!!  You did a GREAT job on the course!!  the study questions you gave us were very good so it made me feel a bit more comfortable!

Thanks again for the great course and all the help you gave us!!

Misty H.

The group reviews led by our instructor and based on the CMQ primer were a great way to prepare for the CMQ-OE certification. That made all the difference by not having to study from many different sources.  

J. de la Llave 


I passed.  Thanks for all the help and instructions.

The process of taking the test was actually more grueling than the test itselfJ.  The proctors made me leave everything (even pens) except my binder and book in a locker, examined my pockets, had me roll back my sleeves and pants, and they checked me with a metal detector before allowing me to enter the examination room.  They did not even allow me to keep my watch, and looked at my glasses to make sure they are not some electronic device!  I had never seen something like this for taking a test.   

M. Samimi

 Hi Bob,

I am so happy to tell you that I passed the exam. I used the entire 5 hours of exam time.

Thank You for your training and putting us in the right mindset how to tackle these questions.

There were questions where I read the answers and thought that is weak but reading the other choices it turned out to be strongest one and by going back to my flagged questions it did help me to see the answer more clearly

Thanks again,
K. Bildek



The exam went well, I passed. Thank you for your tremendous training. It wasn’t as much math as I thought there was going to be. In addition, I feel as if the practice test and practice exams had tougher questions the actual exam itself. This was very helpful.  The only thing I would recommend to future students is they get a CQT just as a precursor, and to be careful not to forget to spend time on the non-mathematical chapters, 2-7 and 11. I made the mistake of spending so much time on the math portion I didn’t even read through the other chapters till the day or two before the test. Luckily I was already familiar with the terms because of the CQT.

MOST of my math questions were MTBF, MTTF questions.  I got a lot of audit related questions and risk questions.  Anyway, thank you for your course. I will recommend it to others.

M. Alvarez


Good morning, 

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your time and help in preparing for the exam. I feel like I performed well on the exam, and I could not have done it without the knowledge and support you provided throughout the prep course. There were some computations on the exam, but the vast majority of the questions were testing concept and one’s understanding of the topics. Because of the quizzes we did throughout and your availability to answer questions, I was able to interpret the questions and concepts being asked. We don’t receive our scores for another couple of weeks, but I went in confident and come what may, I couldn’t have been any better prepared. Thank you for your help.

L, McKinley


Our trainer was great.  He was very knowledgeable about the subject matter, made sure we understood the material, and addressed all questions and concerns.  As you know the class was scheduled to meet once a week.  As the weeks progressed, he added more and more classes all to ensure we were well prepared for the exam.  Please let him know that I passed!  Thank you for everything,

C. Hosman

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