ASQ Certification Exam Computer Based Testing


Computer Based Testing

ASQ transitioned to computer based testing in the fall of 2016.  Prometric administers the exams with the advantage of more opportunities to take the exam and exam locations. The previous pencil and paper test taking model was offered twice a year (not including conferences).  You can still take the pencil and paper exams if you travel to the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement at the end of April, early May. The downside of the computer based examinations exists with the confined space you are alotted to work in. 


The questions are on a computer screen and you have the ability to strike out answers you determine not viable and the ability to highlight key words.  You also can flag a question if you choose to pass on it and return later.  You can bring reference materials with you, however everything must be bound.  You cannot bring in loose papers or stapled pages.  They need to be in at least a three ring binder.  We recommend having a slim three ring binder ( 1/2") that contains reference material in addition to your book or primer.  The three ring binder may include glossaries, the appendix (to reduce look up time) and any other reference pages.

The security to enter the test location is pretty tight, resembling airport security.  You will pass through a metal detector to enter the examination room.  Another upside of the new testing format is the immediate results you get.   Years ago it may take several weeks to hear you to did and now you know that day (other than the CMQ/OE which requires evaluation of the essay questions). 

You cannot bring in food or drink and it would be a good idea for you to contact the location of where the exam is taking place, if you have any questions.