Asq certification preparation courses


The CQE is an individual who understands statistics, control charts, reliability, quality systems, metrology along with product and process design.  This is a very challenging exam due to the time constraints and level of information you are required to know.  The CQE exam is 5.5 hour 175 question (15 of the questions are not scored), which leaves 1.89 minutes per question.  We recommend you begin your preparation 20 - 26 weeks before you plan to take the exam.  When you purchase our live class we will provide you access to previous class recordings to view and practice so you can enter the live class well prepared.

CQE Exam training


The CQA is a person who understands the audit standards along with the audit process.  A CQA will help you understand audit preparation and how to perform an audit.  Required skills are the ability to generate the audit report and the corrective action process, both initiation and follow up.  The difficulty with the CQA is not the time restriction but the understanding of the ASQ exam question structure along with the case studies.  The CQA exam is 165 question (15 are not scored) to be completed in 5 hours.  This equates to 1.82 minutes per question.  

CQA Exam Training


The CSSBB understands the six sigma methodology and the DMAIC model.  They have a solid understanding of the statistical tools, including parametric and non parametric analysis.  The CSSBB is proficient in DOE, control chart theory and MSA.  The exam is challenging in that you have 4.5 hours to complete 165 questions (15 of which are not scored).  This leaves you 1.64 minutes per question.

cssbb exam training


The CSSGB is very similar to the CSSBB body of knowledge but is not as intense with the statistical questions plus you have more time per question.  The CSSGB esam is 110 questions (10 are not scored) to be completed in 4.5 hours, which means you have 2.45 minutes per question.

cssgb exam training


The CQT will have an understanding of basic statistics, control charts, sampling plans and quality costs.  Additional skills include an understanding of metrology, quality audits and the development of procedures.  The CQT is a 110 question (10 of which are not scored) to be completed in 4.5 hours.  This leaves 2.45 minutes per question.  

CQT Exam Trianing


The CMQ/OE has an understanding of quality systems, motivation, organizational structures, team development, quality tools and the quality management and planning tools.  Additional areas of importance are customer and supplier management along with training development.  The CMQ/OE is a two part examination.  The first is a constructed response (essay), you have 45 minutes to complete two essay questions.  The second part consists of 165 multiple choice questions (15 are not scored) that must be completed in 3 hours and 45 minutes.  This equates to 1.36 minutes per question, the least amount of all the exams.  The exam is not problem solving intense like the CQE but at 1.36 minutes per question, you must move quickly. 

CMQ/OE Exam Training


The CRE has an understanding of advanced statistics, such as hypothesis testing, ANOVA, DOE along with control charts.  The CRE will utilize reliability modeling for predictive purposes in addition to risk and data management and maintainability.  The CRE exam is 165 questions (15 are not scored) to be completed in 4.5 hours.  This leaves you 1.64 minutes per question.  Similar to the CQE the CRE is a very difficult exam in that you must really understand the theories and applications since you time to review them is limited.

CRE Exam Training