Importance and value of ASQ certification

Increase Your Earning Potential


  It may not be realized immediately, but the statistics show people who retain ASQ certifications earn more than those who don't.  Review the statistics of ASQ Certification below.  These values are based on the survey conducted by ASQ and reported in the December 2017 issue of Quality Progress magazine.  Below are the salary increase reported by having a specific ASQ Certification.


Certification Held                         Salary Increase

CMQ / OE                                          $11,621

CQA                                                      $9,915 

CQE                                                     $9,085

CSSBB                                                $12,813 

# of ASQ Certifications Held             Salary

0                                                              $87,748

1                                                              $93,576
2                                                              $99,283

 3                                                             $103,563

 4                                                             $103,955

       5                                                             $116,338      

Improve Your Marketability


Advancement opportunities are more abundant for individuals with ASQ certification over those who don't have it.  The recognition of the certification is of importance for career advancement.  The possession of a certification is a leg up on the competition who do not have it.   As stated earlier, it doesn't mean a non certified quality professional doesn't know and understand the body of knowledge it simply means a certified quality professional does know.  That is the difference.  When two individuals are applying for the same position and one has ASQ certification and the other one doesn't.  It does not ensure they will be offered the position, but it does provide a slight advantage over the competition. 

Professional Development


Going through the process will educate you and enlighten you to new tools, concepts, perspectives and ideas.  No matter how you look at it, knowledge is power.  Any activity to broaden your knowledge base is a worthwhile investment in yourself.  An increase in your skill set and proficiency, which increases your value to an organization.

Increases Credibility


Holding an ASQ Certification validates and substantiates your level of understanding of the key topics within the quality profession.  Individuals with certification are viewed as more knowledgeable than those without.  They will also be considered for a position or promotion more often than those without a certification.